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You want to use the CoME EASY toolkit that supports local energy policy management and benefit from their advantages? For receiving access to the Open Platform and all CoME EASY tools, please click on your country, download the form and send your inquiry to the respective contact indicated:

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The use of the the CoME EASY tools is free of charge and available for all local authorities. 

The Tools Family

As soon as you have registered, you will have access to the following tools:

  • Emission Path Tool (EPT), including BEI/MEI calculator and Scenario Calculator - this is a set of closely related tools, based on the Baseline and Monitoring Emission Inventory (BEI/MEI) according to the Covenant of Mayors’ methodology.
  • SECAP Creator - this tool supports you to export/import data and information that are relevant for CoM and already available from the other tools and the eea.
  • Best Practices - here you can add your best practices and publish them to be displayed on the project website.
  • KPIs Dashboard - here you can manage and process your Key Perfomance Indicators, and monitor their development over the years.

Have a look at the Best Practice Library!

Cities and municipalities are sharing successful projects

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With your registration for the CoME EASY tools you will simultaneously join the “Fellow Communities Club”. As member of the Fellow Communities Club, you will benefit from the following opportunities:

  • access downloading materials, including introductions to the CoME EASY tools,
  • be kept informed about further developments on the projects and its outputs through the CoME EASY newsletter, and
  • exchange with fellow cities and municipalities.


CoME EASY’s overall objective is to promote, facilitate and extend the engagement of local public authorities all over Europe in setting up and implementing sustainable, smart and effective energy efficiency and climate action plans according to EU targets by applying a combination of synergistic supportive tools and initiatives.

The CoME EASY project will elaborate and provide municipalities with all-inclusive, comprehensive, user- friendly and effective supporting tools for developing, monitoring and achieving their goals on energy and climate policy.

Find more information on the CoME EASY project, its context, targets, tools and implementing partners in our brochure.   

Synchronising supportive initiatives

Combining forces of CoM, eea and others

The focus of the CoME EASY project is on synchronising different approaches that support local authorities in managing and implementing sustainable energy and climate policies: Its mission is to bridge trenches between existing and compatible supportive initiatives like eea, CoM, ISO standards and Smart Cities and Communities Programme by systemically linking and synthesizing their procedures and tools.

The main pillars of the CoME EASY harmonisation and synthetisation processes are the European Commission’s Covenant of Mayors (CoM) and the European Energy Award (eea). The CoM and eea synthetization thus form the basis of the project and conclusively of its name.

Was ist CoME EASY? What is CoME EASY about?

Ein Einführungsvideo / An introductory video in German language

Worum genau geht es bei CoME EASY, an wen richtet sich das Projekt und was ist seine Zielsetzung? Das folgende deutschsprachige Video vermittelt einen ersten Überblick.  

What exactly is CoME EASY about, who is the project addressed to and what are its objectives? The following German-language video provides an introductory overview.

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Let’s learn from the COVID-19 crisis and leverage the present potential to accelerate effective energy and climate action

Without any doubt, COVID-19 has unleashed a global crisis that threatens the health and lives of people all over the world, destabilises economies and confronts people with existential fears, insecurity and many far-reaching and substantial consequences. It represents an unprecedented challenge that requires international, national, regional and local political decision-makers to take pro-active, wise and effective decisions to limit the potential damage and induce appropriate measures to put the world, which has slipped out of step, back on track. Despite all the negative effects of the COVID-19 crisis, there is at the same time potential for reinforcing and accelerating positive change and innovation that are urgently needed to prevent the world from being plunged into a further and even more threatening global crisis, i.e. climate change with its dramatic consequences.

Opportunities arise

Global containment measures to halt the spread of the coronavirus made it necessary to change the usual and accustomed routines and procedures and adapt to unprecedented circumstances. This need for rapid adaptation affected the behaviour of individuals as well as that of companies, organisations and governments. The crisis created an environment that disrupted usual policies and social norms, weakened strong and long-lasting boundaries and required the flexibility of previously fixed patterns. While under normal circumstances the willingness to change and enter new paths has to be considered limited, this moment of crisis shifted dynamics dramatically: It has showed what really matters and has taken everyone into the responsibility to contribute to his own well-being and that of his fellow citizens. And the resulting modifications already show positive effects and allow a glimpse into possible impacts of global commitment to climate change mitigation.

Get CoME EASY support to leverage the current potential

Let’s turn this crisis into an opportunity and leverage the currently tremendous potential for change to accelerate the fight against global warming. CoME EASY supports local authorities in seizing this opportunity for the implementation of effective energy and climate policies to contribute to a more sustainable global development. Good examples of local authorities' proactive reactions to the COVID-19 emergency situation will be reported in our next newsletter.

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