Calculation Tools

The Emission Path Tool (EPT)

Core of the CoME EASY project is the development of supporting tools & materials. Main outcome is the Emission Path Tool (EPT).

The EPT is a set of closely related tools that is based on the Baseline and Monitoring Emission Inventory (BEI/MEI) according to the Covenant of Mayors’ methodology.  The EPT also includes a scenario calculator and the Energy and Emission Reduction Path Assessment Tool (EERPAT).

  • BEI/MEI calculator
    The Baseline Emission Inventory and Monitoring Emission Inventory as a standardized data collection process provide the foundation of the EPT. The BEI/MEI calculator includes an energy accounting and Greenhouse Gas calculation screen mirroring SECAP balancing (BEI/MEI).
  • Scenario Calculator
    The Scenario Calculator provides the possibility for the municipality to enter diverging scenarios, which allow analyzing paths and strategies under different assumptions (e.g. population growth). With its scenario functionalities the tool supports planning of energy efficiency and climate measures in Focus Workshops as part of the eea quality management.
  • Energy and Emission Reduction Path Assessment Tool (EERPAT)
    The EERPAT enables the comparison of ambition and effectiveness of one chosen reduction path, the primary reduction path, with national/regional and European reduction paths. It displays historic BEI/MEI results as well as future reduction paths and evaluates the ambition of planned as well as realized reduction paths compared with national and EU goals.

SECAP Creator and ISO Facilitator

The SECAP creator and ISO facilitator provide the coupling to CoM respectively ISO 50'001 Energy Management System:

The SECAP creator is developed to enable local authorities to enter CoM exporting/importing data already available from the other tools and the eea in suitable formats. The ISO facilitator is designed to assist local authorities in meeting the requirements of ISO 50001.

Further supporting tools

In addition, two further supporting tools in excel have been developed:

  • The mitigation calculator is an aid for the calculation of the impacts of the most common measures included in SECAPs. It is based on emission inventories values and national standards.
  • The buildings database is a structures database that aims at collecting information about buildings stock in compliance with ISO requirements.

Access the tools

Access all Calculation Tools and Facilitators via the eea's EMT here!