Benchmarking Tools - KPIs Dashboard

Key Performance Indicators Dashboard

Through its synthetizing approach CoME EASY project is bringing together various internationally approved initiatives supporting local authorities which use different indicators to measure the municipal performances. These measurements, based on predefined key performance indicators, enable to reliably assess a city’s strengths and weaknesses and to monitor its progress.

The CoME EASY Open Platform will provide a Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) set that is compliant with the main initiatives the project is aligned with and the main systems in use at EU level. This KPI database hence could be exportable and reused as gateway to enter the multiple commitment and benchmarking.

While energy is the main field of interest of the project activity, CoME EASY still follows a holistic and integrated approach including many other issues linked with the sustainable and smart vision. Hence the selection of the KPIs set follows the structure of the eea management tool (EMT) model, but also contains indicators that exceed a mere energy reference in the sense of the smart vision and the UN SDGs and takes into account a more inclusive perspective on sustainable development.

The KPIs set sectors are:

  • Strategy and Planning (linked with eea area 1)
  • Public Authority and Governance (linked with eea areas 2 and 5)
  • Energy and Climate (linked with eea area 3)
  • Mobility (linked with eea area 4)
  • Prosperity (partially linked with eea area 6)

The indicators selected are generally easy to work out and the sectors have both, mandatory and optional fields.