Waste management in Grand Besançon

General Information

Municipality: Grand Besançon Metropole Urban Community (GBM)

Country: France

Inhabitants: 193.300

Description of Measure and Categorization

The strategy implemented by SYBERT in cooperation with Grand Besançon Métropole has made it possible to considerably reduce ultimate waste.

Since 2006, SYBERT, in charge of the waste prevention strategy, has proposed a global strategy for the entire Grand Besançon area. Within this framework, Grand Besançon Métropole launched the Incentive Fee in 2012, supplemented by new instructions (bio-waste, nappies, waste from public and private professionals, etc.). This strategy applies to both individual and collective housing.


The rate of residual household waste is 150 kg/inhabitant per year (compared with 239 kg/inhab/year in 2005), i.e. a reduction of 37%. 68% of waste is sorted, 57% is recycled and 95% is recovered. 

Area: Supply & Disposal


The actors involved are SYBERT, the WBG and all the communes making up SYBERT.


The financing of this strategy is distributed as follows: 55% of the members' contribution, 12% sale of materials and energy, 4% of the contributions of professionals, 2% national and European subsidies, 16% subsidies within the framework of the eco-packaging contract and 11% others (exceptional products...). 


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