Vun der Atert Cooperative

General Information

Municipality: Beckerich

Country: Luxembourg

Inhabitants: 2.383

Description of Measure and Categorization

The Vun der Atert Cooperative originates from an idea of the municipal citizen commission for rural development. It unites consumers and producers from the region to produce regional, and preferably organic, food according to a community-supported agriculture model.

The aim of the cooperative is to ensure an independent, fair and transparent food supply, which respects animals, people and nature and avoids long transport routes. This project helps extend the circulation of the regional currency known as the Beki.

There are currently three different active projects in the cooperative:

-         Vegetable garden: vegetables are produced for 80 customers on an area of 1 hectare. The total cost (material, rent, wages) are shared among all customers. Payment is taken in advance to guarantee the crop for the season. Each customer pays an amount that is financially and morally appropriate for him. In the end, the required amount must be collected to begin the project. Customers are encouraged to contribute to the garden from time to time voluntarily.

-         Cider: the cooperative presses cider with local apples brought by volunteers or private individuals. The press is owned by the cooperative.

-         Meat box: Five farmers from the canton produce meat, which is delivered fully processed in a vacuum-tight subscription box to the customers four times a year.

Area: Communication & Cooperation


The cooperative is run along the lines of a community-supported agriculture model. The producers do not bear the risk alone and the harvest/production is distributed among the customers


Contact Person:
Ingrid Van der Kley Tel. +352 671 23 62 43

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