Use of the Dynamic Thermal Simulation to improve thermal comfort in schools and nurseries

General Information

Municipality: Besançon

Country: France

Description of Measure and Categorization

The City of Besançon is carrying out dynamic thermal simulations in specific nurseries and new schools in order to improve the comfort in these buildings in winter and summer. This process allows a better fight against the phenomena of heat waves.

The heat wave of 2019 has highlighted the problem of summer comfort in buildings, especially those occupied by young childrens. During the summer of 2019, the emergency solution was to add air conditioners in some nurseries. In anticipation of 2020, the City has chosen to install DTS in 5 nurseries that are sensitive to summer comfort. The results have enabled to write a list of works to be carried out on the buildings to reduce the indoor temperature in summer before the installation of air conditioning. 


The DTS makes it possible to determine the thermal behaviour of a building according to the composition of its envelope, the external and internal contributions... The indoor temperature is obtained at a certain time step (daily, hourly...). Thus, by modifying the composition of the wall of the building, by insulating it for example, we know what consequences this can have on the evolution of the internal temperature of the building.


Based on these DTS, the City has chosen to carry out building improvement works, with low-cost solutions such as the installation of solar protection in the glazing, but also solutions with a higher cost such as the complete insulation of the external walls and the replacement of glazing. Solutions for greening the façades have also been proposed.


The City of Besançon now conducts DTS on new buildings to be built as soon as they are designed. This helps with architectural design (limitation of glazed surface area, installation of solar cap...).

Area: Municipal Buildings & Facilities


City Technical Services - Education, Early Childhood Department - school and nursery staff.


Investment funding of the City.


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