The deployment of renewable energy sources on public buildings

General Information

Municipality: Besançon

Country: France

Inhabitants: 120.271

Description of Measure and Categorization

The City of Besançon systematically (whenever it is possible) recommends the use of renewable energy sources such as wood, photovoltaic and solar-thermal on its buildings.

The work carried out on public buildings (including the installation of renewable energy) mainly concerns the Directorate of Architecture and Building (DAB) and the Directorate of Energy Management (DME). 

The City of Besançon has drawn up energy specifications that define energy performance objectives but also include the use of renewable energies. Thus, when renovating or constructing a building, the project management must propose several types of energy supply and compare them in terms of overall cost.

The Department of Energy Management manages more than 200 energy-producing equipments (heating, cooling and ventilation systems). Each year, it renovates around ten pieces of equipment, and each time a comparative study is carried out between a conventional system (generally gas boiler room) and a system using renewable energies. This comparative study is carried out on the necessary investment, possible subsidies, operation and maintenance (both financial and technical) for the next 20 years as well as the quantities of GHG emissions. Thus each year 2 systems using renewable energy sources are installed to replace fossil and electric energy systems.

Area: Municipal Buildings & Facilities


The technical services of the city of Besançon - the local companies - the users of the equipment - the stakeholders providing funding and subsidies to them.


The investment is made with the City budget. Various subsidies are added: ADEME - Region - ERDF (Europe) - Local Investment Support Fund.


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