Sotraval: Local Public Company for the development of renewable energies

General Information

Municipality: Brest Métropole

Country: France

Inhabitants: 206.893

Description of Measure and Categorization

Initially created at the initiative of Brest Metropole in 1986 to operate the Brest Energy Recovery Plant for Household Waste, Sotraval has been developing its activity since 2010 in the production of renewable energies.

Sotraval is a local operator for the development of Renewable Energies. Initially built for the recovery of waste, it has expanded to :

Wood energy, with the creation of a 12 MW boiler plant serving the Brest heating network in 2016 and the development of its expertise in local wood supply (<100 km) as part of urban-rural cooperation supported by the metropolis,

Solar energy, by experimenting from 2011 the realization of photovoltaic power plants with third party financing. After 7 years of experience feedback - proving that solar power in Brest is a reliable and sustainable energy source - Sotraval has expanded to respond to Brest Metropole's request to develop its offer of "turnkey" solar power plants. Within this framework, the company develops, builds and operates production facilities as follows :

1. An owner with a property (building to be built or undergoing renovation or floor space) wishes to make a concrete contribution to the realization of a sustainable and environmentally friendly project. To do this, he makes the property (roof, parking, etc.) available to Sotraval in order to install a renewable energy production plant.

2. A temporary occupation agreement is concluded between the two parties.

3. As a local operator in the field of renewable energy, Sotraval coordinates the project as a whole and carries out the investment in this production plant. It then becomes the beneficiary of the electricity, which it uses itself to balance the project.

4. Throughout the term of the agreement (or lease), generally over 20 years, Sotraval also ensures the full operation of the renewable energy production plant.

Brest Metropole promotes the development of solar energy and offers Sotraval's "turnkey" to municipalities, institutions (hospitals, colleges) and all professionals and promoters to help projects emerge.

Area: Supply & Disposal
CO2 Reduction: 54500
Jobs Created: 1 person in Sotraval and numerous posts for installation and maintenance.


9 EPCI representing 144 municipalities in northern Finistère are shareholders in Sotraval, including Brest Métropole (54.5% majority stake).


Sotraval is financed by the 9 EPCI (public industrial establishments) that are shareholders. It also receives profits from its waste recovery activity (recovery of the electricity and heat produced) which enable it to invest in renewable energy production, including photovoltaic power plants. 


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