Smart lighting

General Information

Municipality: Firenze

Country: Italy

Inhabitants: 358.000

Description of Measure and Categorization

The public lighting service has to become more efficient to reduce energy consumption, emissions and costs. In the meantime, the infrastructure can be optimized carrying other services on-board (video surveillance, sensors, wifi, traffic control systems, ...)

The municipality, through the public owned company SILFI,  is implementing a tailored refurbishment plan of the public lighting infrastructure in the whole city (more than 40.000 lampposts and 3.500 traffic lights) to save energy starting from a test in Novoli district where smart services (video surveillance, traffic control, WIFI or fiber connection, environmental sensors, ...) have been matched with the LED installation and some adaptive control.

Impact of service infrastructures is minimized while their coverage extended and costs optimized.

The interventions on lights have been agreed with local stakeholders and authorities for cultural heritage and landscape.

A huge amount of data has been made available to the municipal control room.

Area: Municipal Buildings & Facilities
CO2 Reduction: 650


the owner of PL network is the city. SILFI is the operational responsible of the implementation phase and the manager of the systems afterwards. Materials have been subcontracted to specific providers.


Installation and design have been covered by EU cofinancing (project REPLICATE) for the pilot for a total of 1,5 milion euro.

Cost savings are about 400.000€/y.

The lifetime is 20 years for the infrastructure, 10 years for LED lights and different values for the other components belonging to additional services.


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