RECUP 3 Eco Village Beckerich

General Information

Municipality: Beckerich

Country: Luxembourg

Inhabitants: 2.383

Description of Measure and Categorization

This pop-up project will create space for creative work within sustainability on unused construction land. It is planned to build a shared facility from shipping containers and reused materials. The project is based on cooperation between citizens, collectives and architects.

The aim of the project is to offer young local companies, from the social and sustainability sectors, as well as the many grass-roots projects of the municipality of Beckerich (grocery without packaging, storage for garden cooperatives, ...), short-term and cost-effective creative options for office space. The project is based on the London Pop Brixton project. The premises can be remodelled and upgraded as needed.

RECUP3 has several meanings:

1. REC - recycle

2. RECUP - recycling

3. m3 - cubic metre, represent room/space/volume

4. Re C - Redange Canton

Area: Development & Spatial Planning Strategy


Coworking Space EKODAUL

Leader Gruppe Atert-Wark



Various funding options are potentially available: simple letting through the community, crowd funding


Contact Person:
Ingrid Van der Kley 671 23 62 43

Advisor Contact: