Recovery of sewage sludge to supply urban transport and refuse collection vehicles

General Information

Municipality: Vienne-Condrieu Agglomération

Country: France

Inhabitants: 69.378

Description of Measure and Categorization

The biogas produced by recycling the sewage sludge from the WWTP (wastewater treatment plant) partly supplies the local authority's buses and refuse collection vehicles with Natural Gaz for Vehicle (NGV) via a local loop of the certificates of guarantee of origin for the biomethane injected.

Vienne-Condrieu Agglomération has been recovering sewage sludge from its Vienne Sud WWTP since 2017 by injecting biomethane into the natural gas network. In 2019, it installed a NGV station equipped with 7 distribution terminals and 2 compressors allowing a cumulative flow rate of 79.5 Nm3/hour. Initially designed to supply 5 buses and 2 refuse collection vehicles, this station is upgradeable and will accommodate more and more vehicles.

Area: Mobility


Vienne Condrieu Agglomération, GRDF Gas network manager, ENGIE Gas buyer, SAVE Energie gas seller, RATP Dev bus network operator L'Va.


The bioGNV local loop was based on the one hand on the constitution of a fleet of heavy NGV vehicles (5 vehicles) with a co-financing from TEPCV (500k€) and on the other hand on the negotiation with the buyer of the injected biomethane in order to channel part of the guarantees of origin created towards the local authoruty's own needs at zero cost. Finally, the consultation for the purchase of gas for the NGV station included the provision of the reserved guarantees of origin.


Contact Person:
Mustapha L'Haoua - Head of Energy Transition and Biodiversity:

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