Protecting private greenery through building regulations

General Information

Municipality: Meran/Merano

Country: Italy

Inhabitants: 39.462

Description of Measure and Categorization

To remedy the progressive loss of private green areas and improve the landscape quality and ecological environment of the city, the Municipality of Merano has amended its building regulations, introducing new obligations for private persons when modifying green spaces or parkland.

Merano is a city rich in gardens, both public and private, and tall trees. In the last 15 years, as the result of the growing building density and the lack of maintenance, many of these green private spaces have lost their landscape and ecological value. For this reason, the local authority has decided to intervene with a series of amendments to the municipal building law which are intended to guarantee the preservation of greenery in the private areas and ensure better planning.

Art. 54 of the Regulation requires that in the case of substantial modification (alteration of more than 20% of the green area) or new planning, it will be necessary to plant a tall tree every 1,000 sqm (and relevant fractions) or alternatively more trees of shorter dimensions.

For building projects that affect plots of more than 2500 sqm, a "green plan" must additionally be presented to the local parks and gardens department that must respond to the following requirements:

  • The green area must not be divided up into small areas
  • Trees and plants must be adapted to the specific site and combined in the correct way
  • New green areas and new trees must be positioned as far as possible in continuity with areas of greenery and wooded zones
  • The planning of green areas close to water surfaces and ecological corridors must increase the environmental potential of the location.

The aim is to prevent areas that are valuable from the ecological and landscape perspective from being split, by promoting the creation of green areas that are more extensive and better connected as a group to the city centre. 

Area: Development & Spatial Planning Strategy


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