Oil-Free Community

General Information

Municipality: Lumino

Country: Switzerland

Inhabitants: 1.430

Description of Measure and Categorization

The municipality has set itself the goal of removing all gas boilers for heating installed in the public domain in order to become oil free.

The municipality owns 5 buildings and indirectly manages one more that is used by the Civil Defence Force.

With the aim of greatly reducing the impact of CO2 emissions as a direct consumer, the municipality has decided at the municipal energy level to implement an oil-free strategy which involves replacing the gas heaters with other energy sources that are not based on fossil fuels.

As part of a programme lasting several years, it is planned to carry out a feasibility analysis in order to evaluate the best system of heat production.

The PECO company has specified that priority should be given firstly to wood systems and then to heat pumps.

Since 2015, the municipality has carried out the following interventions:

- council housing: 2015: new pellet boilers, 65'000 CHF

- elementary schools: 2017: new air heat pump 100'000 CHF

- infant school: 2019: new air heat pump 160'000 CHF

- Municipal gym: planning in progress for central heating with geothermal heat pumps, 260'000 CHF

- civil defence force: replacement planned for 2020-2021 

- library: electric wiring, low usage

The buildings are 100% powered by green electricity, of which:

- 94% hydroelectric naturemade basic

- 3.5% hydroelectric naturemade star

- 2.5% hydroelectric naturemade star

Area: Municipal Buildings & Facilities
CO2 Reduction: 75


The local council was involved in requesting loans, using the evidence of the ecological aspects.


Local authority investment.

The administration has obtained subsidies on the Canton level for the purpose of replacing 5-10% of generators.

For each building the local authority commissioned external consultants with carrying out an analysis of alternatives that took the following into consideration:

  •  -PECO’s energy priorities
  •  -The technical feasibility with respect to all building characteristics (emissions and heat distribution, fuel storage, noise…)
  •  - Cost-benefit ratio


Contact Person:
Franco de Gottardi

Advisor Contact: