NZEB Upgrading for Wolf Secondary School

General Information

Municipality: Meran/Merano

Country: Italy

Inhabitants: 39.462

Description of Measure and Categorization

Its energy upgrade has allowed Wolf school to attain energy class A, the standard required for newly-constructed buildings. The intervention has moreover improved liveability and comfort in the learning space and enhanced the architectural image of the building.

The energy upgrade in the Wolf Secondary School, a building dating back to 1975 and one of the most energy-hungry in the municipality's portfolio, is part of the programme of steps for increasing energy efficiency in buildings carried out by the Merano municipality to reduce its own energy consumption and related emissions. The intervention has involved the insulation of the building facades (20 cm of stone wool/polystyrene), of the roof (24 cm polyurethane), then given a green system, and of the loft (8 cm of stone wool). The existing windows and shutters have been replaced with triple-glazed windows equipped with external blinds and in all the classrooms decentralised ventilation equipment has been installed, which contributes to improving the quality of the indoor air. The old methane gas boiler has been dismissed and the building has been attached to the urban district heating network. The result is a more liveable and healthy NZEB building (class A CasaClima), with a distinctly modern architectural image.

Area: Municipal Buildings & Facilities
CO2 Reduction: 62393


The Municipality of Merano

The Autonomous Province of Bolzano



Municipal funds, provincial contributions, national government incentives (Thermal Account) for LED lighting


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