multi-purpose Energy Team

General Information

Municipality: Montaione

Country: Italy

Inhabitants: 3.760

Description of Measure and Categorization

The municipality set up an interdepartmental team to boost its energy and climate policies; the group is in charge of different commitments (like the CoM, the EEA, ISO 14.001 and 50.001) in the field of sustainability and can count on a fixed percentage from the municipal yearly budget.

Montaione is located in the heart of the Region of Tuscany in a valuable landscape. Environmental protection has always been a priority for the Municipality of Montaione, for which the preservation of the territory and the landscape are essential elements.

Despite its small size, Montaione has been always very active in the struggle to climate change, and it started long ago from the efficiency of its internal organization: the administration established an internal interdisciplinary group, with clear responsabilities and procedures, who’s in charge of the definition of performance targets, the evaluation of the short and long-term costs and benefits, and the assessment of the needed resources to be allocated.

Efficient energy management is the main target for the energy team: the reduction of energy consumption, the use of energy from renewable sources and the sensitization of citizens on energy sustainability policies are the basis of the Municipality's daily commitment.

Thanks to the working group activities, Montaione has already achieved the CoM goals set in its SEAP and, furthermore, was awarded with the eea Gold and is currently certified ISO50001 (the first municipality in Europe) and ISO14001. 

One of Montaione’s major strengths is the close involvement of citizens and stakeholders enhanced by the team in municipal initiatives, that let the municipality successfully implement numerous projects for energy efficiency and sustainability: among them the installation of a district heating network, with a local biomass supply chain, for public buildings, the project "Social Housing in Class A", the promotion of electric mobility and the boost of sustainable tourism.

The involvement of stakeholders from private sector and the continuous cooperation with other local authorities are fundamental to guarantee good results in planned projects.

The town has become a driving force for the surrounding municipalities that are following its example by joining the Covenant of Mayors and the European Energy Award programme.

Area: Internal Organisation
CO2 Reduction: 3600


Desipite the town size, the energy team is made of stable members from different departments (works, environment/civil protection, finance), a deputy Mayor and the advisor.

The Mayor himself is always informed about the teams' activities.

Each member is in close contact with specific stakeholders (services providers, private investors, other public authorities, ...)and with citizens to collect feedbacks and new ideas.


The admistration decided to reserve a fixed percentage (0.3%) of its yearly budget for sustainability: this amount covers advisors and technical experts support for studies and projects design and some implementations.

Many projects have been implemented by private sector or in close cooperation with private investors


Contact Person:
Fiorenzo Grifoni, team leader

Advisor Contact: