Lörrach energy standards: From KfW Efficiency House 2010 to Energy-Plus buildings

General Information

Municipality: Stadt Lörrach

Country: Germany

Inhabitants: 48.200

Description of Measure and Categorization

The city of Lörrach has set far-reaching energy standards for urban buildings, for the sale of urban building plots, for construction and town planning competitions as well as for town planning contracts.

A new directive (December 2018) has allowed the city of Lörrach to set energy standards for municipal buildings and land.


The following regulations now apply:

-         Municipal buildings: Both in new builds as well as renovations, the city aims to achieve the Energy-Plus standard (related to the primary energy demand) for its own buildings. If this standard cannot be achieved under unfavourable conditions, the next stricter standard must be reached. At a bare minimum, the KfW Efficiency House 55 standard applies to new buildings and the share of heat generation provided by renewable energy must be at least 75%. A photovoltaic system is also mandatory. In the case of refurbishments, an overall refurbishment concept or refurbishment timetable must always be prepared, even if the refurbishment consists of just a single measure.

-         Buyers of municipal building plots: Performance must be better than the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) 2014.

o    Version 1: The primary energy requirement must be at least 45% lower than the requirements of the EnEV 2014 (corresponds to the KfW Efficiency House 55 effective from 2016).

o    Version 2: The requirements of the EnEV 2014 must be at least 30% lower than the primary energy requirement (equivalent to the KfW Efficiency House 70 in effect until 2016) and a photovoltaic system must generate as much electricity as is used to heat with fossil fuels. In addition, the use of renewable energies compared to the Renewable Energies Heat Act (EEWärmeG) is subject to increased requirements.

-         Corresponding criteria and energy concepts are also required in construction competitions, municipal planning competitions and municipal planning contracts.

Area: Municipal Buildings & Facilities


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