Lived cooperation in Dornbirn

General Information

Municipality: Dornbirn

Country: Austria

Inhabitants: 46.464

Description of Measure and Categorization

Cooperation with schools and universities

The city of Dornbirn shows how cooperation with schools and universities can result in significant researches for municipalities. With its many cooperation projects, Dornbirn considerably contributes to practical teaching methods while benefiting from the valuable research results.

For example, three master theses were carried out by the Dornbirn University of Applied Sciences on the subject of energy efficiency in wastewater, the use of digester gas and the potential of waste heat in the city.

Together with the technical college, a project was implemented to renew the control system in a kindergarten and a photovoltaic system was planned for the town hall. This has been successfully in operation for some time!

Area: Communication & Cooperation


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