International Cooperation: Greencycle - Interreg Alpine Space

General Information

Municipality: Vienne Condrieu Intermunicipality

Country: France

Inhabitants: 69.378

Description of Measure and Categorization

The aim of the GREENCYCLE project is to develop the circular economy in medium-sized cities through the implementation of regional tools and skills to support projects.

The project has enabled the development of tools such as:

- A knowledge base on the circular economy

- A strategic framework for the implementation of local projects

- A toolbox for setting up circular economy projects

- A "marketplace" to connect the players

These tools are being tested on pilot territories that are partners in the project.

Area: Communication & Cooperation


City of Maribor (SL), City of Trento (IT), Informatica Trentina (IT), Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development, City of Freiburg (AL), CESBA (AU), Vienna Condrieu Agglomeration (FR), AURA-EE


INTERREG project, 85% financed.


Contact Person:
Mustapha L'Haoua - Head of Energy Transition and Biodiversity:

Advisor Contact: