GRINGGO - Acting consciously in the west of Luxembourg

General Information

Municipality: Beckerich

Country: Luxembourg

Inhabitants: 2.383

Description of Measure and Categorization

Regional marketing platform in the form of a cooperative, which offers the opportunity to all interested citizens, traders and companies to integrate. Customer acquisition primarily takes place through the definition of a sustainable environmental and socially acceptable regional development.

Gringgo is a cooperative for environmentally-conscious action in the west of Luxembourg and helps consumers and providers to structure themselves in a sustainable way.

Gringgo was founded in June 2017 as a cooperative, e.g. a business that encourages participation with ethical standards firmly anchored in the statute. Everyone can invest in the project and participate, have their say and decide.

The specially developed star rating system provides a clear orientation for customers who care about environmentally-conscious consumption and fellow human beings.

Customers will learn how ethical and sustainable a business or product is. The following categories are available: social engagement, ecological and ethical offers, environment-friendly company management, strengthening of the region, member of the BEKI regional currency.

The Gringgo platform enables these businesses to be marketed outside the borders of the canton.

Area: Communication & Cooperation
Jobs Created: 1


-         Companies in the Canton of Redingen -> Members

-         Residents -> Support

-     Gringgo Cooperative

-     Municipality -> provides office space



currently still a leader project, later it should be self-supporting


Contact Person:
Gringgo s.c. 6, Jos Seyler Strooss L-8522 Beckerich T. 26 88 18 55 Email.

Advisor Contact: