Green Room

General Information

Municipality: Stadt Ludwigsburg

Country: Germany

Inhabitants: 91.738

Description of Measure and Categorization

The courtyard of City Hall is home to the “Green Room”, which consists of about 140 square metres of vegetation. The Green Room fulfils several functions: a shady rest area for passers-by, a contribution to a good urban climate and an ecological niche in the largely grey inner city.

The courtyard of City Hall is home to the “Green Room”, which opened in April 2014. Its “living” walls and ceilings are made up of around 7,000 perennials and 40 plane trees, which together make up approximately 140 square metres of vegetation. The Green Room fulfils several functions: With its lush green and colourful flowers, the green living room entices passers-by to linger awhile. Particularly in summer, this shady, cool spot offers a welcome respite from the rush of the inner-city. The noise of the street barely penetrates the dense foliage. And aromatic plants such as lavender, cloves, thyme and mint combine to make your stay a sensual experience. The Green Room is also valuable for the urban climate - just like every square metre of green that breaks through the largely grey areas of the city centre. It forms a small ecological niche. The water supply of this small city centre oasis is sustainable: Its irrigation system is fed by three cisterns that can store a total of six cubic metres of rainwater.

The use of plants as building material has been tested. The “building blocks” of the living room walls are made of steel mesh baskets of different sizes, which are lined with coconut fibre and geotextile and have been planted up. Riser pipes and drip hoses provide sufficient irrigation and appropriate fertilisation of each “floor” of the green building.

The statics of the plant building represent another special feature. Botanical construction techniques were employed to produce particularly dense and stable tree roofs. The plants are intended to mat together as they grow and, with the help of supporting structural elements, form a “technical-vegetative composite structure”.

Area: Municipal Buildings & Facilities


The Green Room is a joint project of Verband Region Stuttgart, the Institute for Landscape Planning and Ecology of the University of Stuttgart, the city of Ludwigsburg and the Kornwestheim-based company Helix Pflanzen, which is responsible for its construction and maintenance.


€ 150,000 for installation and 5 year maintenance


Contact Person:
Stabsstelle Klima, Energie und Europa Charlotte Klose 07141/910-3369

Advisor Contact:

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