Experience the slow region - tourism development

General Information

Municipality: Beckerich

Country: Luxembourg

Inhabitants: 2.383

Description of Measure and Categorization

The concept of slow tourism offers visitors an alternative to today’s fast-paced world. Tourist offers will be developed within current and future projects, which open up the hidden treasures of the region to visitors.

The Wild West of Luxembourg remains largely unknown to many locals and foreign visitors. A concept has been developed that will allow the range of tourist activities to be better publicised to attract potential visitors.

All tourism projects should involve social, ecological and economic sustainability in some way. It is intended to develop offers that operate in the interests of the region with the help of soft mobility, regional and seasonal cuisine, respect for the environment and local culture as well as the inclusion of protected workshops and social projects.

Currently, so-called slow trip activities are being developed that tap into authenticity, shared learning and contact with locals.

Area: Communication & Cooperation


-         Tourism stakeholders of the region

-         Atert-Wark Tourist Information

-         Politician

-         Interest groups

-         Ministries


Contact Person:
Tourist Info Atert-Wark 1, am Millenhaff L-8706 Useldange T. +352 23 63 00 51 28

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