Energy Mapping

General Information

Municipality: Lumino

Country: Switzerland

Inhabitants: 1.430

Description of Measure and Categorization

The project set out to map the priorities for the provision of energy. The mapping analysed man-made and natural (ambient) heat sources that can easily be exploited to heat buildings.

The municipality of Lumino is a predominantly residential community. 

The community’s energy balance has demonstrated that one of the main sectors that requires action in terms of energy and climate policy is the heating of buildings, particularly using gas heaters.

To reach the goal of the 2000-Watt Society, the local authority developed a strategy which specifies the priorities for the replacement of heating oil with alternative heating sources or technologies that make use of renewable sources.

GIS spatial analysis was performed to select and report a technology for private persons / property owners. This analysis enables planners to assess the feasibility at the technically authorised level of harnessing ambient heat (groundwater, geothermal heat…) or waste heat (industrial heat…) for heating the building.

Where more technologies were available, a scale of priorities based on total CO2 emissions was developed.

The final output of the project was a GIS website through which a resident, clicking on his own property, could receive the following information:

- energy source / preferred technology for the replacement of heat generators

- energy source / secondary technology for the replacement of heat generators

- information sheet explaining the installation of the relevant type of heat generator

- federal, canton or local authority subsidies that are possibly available to achieve this upgrade

- installation potential for roof solar heating

The goal is to demonstrate to individual residents the possibility of replacing their heat generators with other technologies that make use of renewable sources.

Area: Development & Spatial Planning Strategy
CO2 Reduction: 145


The local authority has tasked external consultants with the development of the project, including:

- the GIS and energy analyses;

- the website with the GIS web application for information consulting

An information evening was organised to involve the residents, and here the GIS website was presented and the specific decision process was explained.



Local authority investment.

The administration obtained subsidies from the canton that were equivalent to 50% of the investment



Contact Person:
Franco de Gottardi

Advisor Contact: