Corporate mobility management

General Information

Municipality: Dornbirn

Country: Austria

Inhabitants: 46.464

Description of Measure and Categorization

Bonus for employees commuting by public transport or on foot / by bike

The corporate mobility management of Dornbirn already started in 2011 with a huge awareness campaign. Since the end of 2016, the 'eco-points' system has been implemented with an attractive and fair bonus system for around 1,300 employees, who commute by public transport or bicycles.

The procedure for getting 'eco-points' is as follows: When clocking in at work, employees are asked on a voluntary basis how they came to work. Depending on the distance to the place of residence and the means of transport chosen, points are credited to an account. The 'eco-points' collected are then disbursed to the employees in the form of vouchers.

Area: Mobility


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