Continuous and innovative cooperation with the actors concerned in the territory

General Information

Municipality: Grand Besançon Métropole Urban Community (GBM)

Country: France

Inhabitants: 193.300

Description of Measure and Categorization

GBM is setting up a Partnership Climate Plan (CP) to strengthen the participation of stakeholders alongside it in the development of its CP. These stakeholders will be the bearers of actions, in the same way as the community, in order to participate in the achievement of the objectives of the CP.

The Climate Plan for Grand Besançon Métropole, in addition to the actions carried out by the local authority itself, relies on the commitment of stakeholders to achieve the objectives of the territory. This requires the involvement of everyone: economic and institutional players, energy producers and distributors, financiers, residents, academics, etc. The local authority has a duty to support the territory through awareness-raising, coordination, training and communication actions, etc.


Grand Besançon Métropole wanted to give a privileged place to all the stakeholders of the territory. A partnership Climate Plan has been set up with governance and actions carried out by these partners. In order to ensure that this approach is sustainable, Grand Besançon Métropole proposes to lead a Climate Club with the implementation of actions to structure, lead, raise awareness and involve stakeholders.


Among the stakeholders to be involved are those in the building industry, research, the financial sector, industry, the tertiary sector, etc.

Area: Communication & Cooperation


All the stakeholders of the territory (actors from the construction, research, financial sector, industry, tertiary sector, etc.).


The budget required for cooperation is the responsibility of the community's internal human resources.


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