Castelfalfi eco-resort

General Information

Municipality: Comune Di Montaione

Country: Italy

Inhabitants: 3.760

Description of Measure and Categorization

Among the efforts done by the municipality for sustainable territorial planning, the Castelfalfi refurbishment is the most significant: thanks to a public debate procedure ( Montaione obtained high environmental standards in tourism sector.

A participatory process "public debate" was carried out to decide over the recovery of the municipal hamlet Castelfalfi ( ). The project realised concerned the conversion of the area in a touristic infrastructure, respecting the environmental sustainability criteria and ensuring the use of renewable energy sources totally financed by a multinational private company.

The unique situation of Tuscany in terms of landscape and the great tourist potential of Tenuta di Castelfalfi in the municipality of Montaione have suggested the idea of ​​starting a sustainable tourism development in this area. The essential criterion is the conservation of the typical Tuscan typologies as well as the creation of an exemplar sustainable project including infrastructural interventions.

The fact that almost all the infrastructure needed to be rebuilt or refurbished, offered to "Tenuta di Castelfalfi" the unique possibility of developing extraordinary interventions and optimally designed energy and water circles.

The final targets regarding energy efficiency, CO2 balance, resources savings, optimized water circles and management of waste disposal, is to establish new parameters in tourism development.

In the resulting agreement between the Municipality and the owning Company, specific requirements are inserted for the percentage of renewable energy that must be insured (minimum 30%).

After the technical exchange for the identification of energy-efficient solutions with a low environmental impact (use of renewable energy, purification and reuse of waste water for irrigation and services, etc.) the overall energy balance includes 64% of energy produced from renewable sources (biomass 45%, photovoltaic 3%, ORC module 14%, cogeneration 2%).

A district heating / cooling network is serving the Borgo and the Art and Culture Hotel, San Pietro and Starnino.

The recovery of the villas took place with very low energy consumption (<70 kWh / sqm per year).

New buildings also perform better than regulation with energy consumption lower than 30 kWh / sqm per year.

The impact of the action has been evaluated comparing values ​​for business as usual with the project data since the intervention will in any case lead to an increase in the population and above all in the tourist flow on the territory.

Area: Development & Spatial Planning Strategy
CO2 Reduction: 1200
Jobs Created: 200


The municipality from public side, with the technical support of SPES, and TUI/Tenuta Castelfalfi from the private one.

Regional authority took part in the public debate process.


The intervention has been totally financed by a private company who is the owner of the estate


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