Brest Smart Grid: renewable multi-energy networks with innovative thermal storage

General Information

Municipality: Brest Métropole

Country: France

Inhabitants: 206.893

Description of Measure and Categorization

Brest Smart Grid comprises the large-scale urban heating network supplied by a Waste-to-Energy plant with a wood boiler supplement, thermal storage, and other forms of renewable energy, specifically photovoltaic, all managed by a multi-energy platform.


-          Public service concessions: ENEDIS (electricity network), GRDF (gas pipelines), Eco Chaleur de Brest (heating network) and Eau du Ponant (SPL – local public company)

-          PV power plants: Brest Métropole space planning and Sotraval

-          Multi-energy platform: Schneider Electric


-          Operation of the pubic grids: ENEDIS (electricity network), GRDF (gas pipelines), and Eau du Ponant SPL

-          PV power plants: Brest Métropole planning and Sotraval; multi-energy platform: Schneider Electric

-          Heating network: Eco Chaleur de Brest, ADEME, SEM Sotraval

-          Other financial partners: ADEME, Conseil départemental du Finistère & Région Bretagne for Brest Smart Grid