Biomass micro district heating

General Information

Municipality: Comune Di Montaione

Country: Italy

Inhabitants: 3.760

Description of Measure and Categorization

The Municipality of Montaione, following the regional policy for renewable energies promotion, has decided to use the local forestry resource in order to, on one hand exploit biomasses for energy purposes creating local business, on the other replace fossil fuel in its own buildings.

Following its sustainable strategies and to boost the certification processes in place (ISO 140001, ISO 50001 and EEA) Montaione, with the support of the region and a public-private partnership model, has realized a plant for a small district heating serving public buildings: it is a 520 kW biomass plant (boilers and underground chip storage) connected with district heating network to serve the two schools and the municipal building for a total gross volume of approximately 25,000 m3.

The plant already built in 2011 will also be able to serve other users on the network route in the summer, which with an absorber will produce cooling.


Biomasses (350 t / year) are supplied by Publiambiente, a public owned company, and derive from local producers (short supply chain).

The main purpose of the plant are costs as well as environmental savings, which can be obtained mainly thanks to the lower cost of the fuel compared to methane but also thanks to the greater overall efficiency obtainable with the centralized plant compared to single systems and the consequent reduction of operating and maintenance costs; moreover, adopting a renewable energy source such as wood biomass characterized by the low impact in terms of greenhouse gas emissions if locally produced, substantial benefits are obtained both from the environmental and local development point of view, creating the agricultural forest / wood / energy supply chain of the territory.

Area: Municipal Buildings & Facilities
CO2 Reduction: 107
Jobs Created: 3


The region tendered subsidies for RES plant (50% of the costs).

The municipality won the regional tender, it is the owner of the buildings served and will become the owner of the plant at the end of the PPP contract.

Publiambiente is the public services provider which co-financed, built and is managing the plant and the DH network.

SPES is the designer.


The Municipality of Montaione was identified as the recipient of a capital contribution by Tuscany Region equal to 50% of the intervention, which in total costed € 280,000.

The remaining 50% has been covered by Publiambiente, a local public services provider, who will manage the plant and the network for the following 10 years.

The fee for heat is linked to the price of methane with a fixed discount rate.


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