'Belist' development area - an exemplary housing estate

General Information

Municipality: Stadt Lörrach

Country: Germany

Inhabitants: 48.200

Description of Measure and Categorization

Model housing estate with energy standards of the city of Lörrach and climate adaptation measures.

The following measures are to be implemented in the model housing estate:


-         Energy standards of the city Lörrach (essentially Efficiency House 55)

Climate adaptation

-         Rainwater is collected at the surface via canal -> cooling

-         Green valley to maintain a cold air passage


-         Offer car-sharing and e-mobility (charging station)

-         connected by local bus to neighbourhoods

Public space:

-         Road section shown as a play street

-         Village green designed as a neighbourhood square


The housing estate has already been connected to utilities and the plots have been sold, construction starts from 2019.

Area: Development & Spatial Planning Strategy


Advisor Contact: